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AKA has incorporated a gallery space since it’s conception. It provides a space for the tattooers of AKA to exhibit their art and also invites artists from other creative backgrounds to display their work. The gallery has exhibited painting, photography and sculpture and has provided a pop-up retail space to various creators and AKA collaborators. The AKA gallery is currently curated by Lindsey Marie White, for more information or to apply for an exhibition you can contact her at

Exhibiting artists 2021

'Together, in the end' by Angelica Liv

The oeuvre of Colombian born illustrator and artist Angelica Liv has developed around power animals, deconstruction of various clichés and mixing an array of naive and contemporary shapes translated into different techniques through bold colors, thick and thin lines.

She has particularly grown close to her practice as a coping mechanism to navigate the discomfort caused by past traumatic experiences and reinventing herself in the process.

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