Art Gallery


AKA has incorporated a gallery space since it’s conception. It provides a space for the tattooers of AKA to exhibit their art and also invites artists from other creative backgrounds to display their work. The gallery has exhibited painting, photography and sculpture and has provided a pop-up retail space to various creators and AKA collaborators. The AKA gallery is currently curated by Lindsey Marie White, for more information or to apply for an exhibition you can contact her at

Exhibiting artists 2020

Burak Isseven

21.03.2020 - 17.04.2020 !POSTPONED!

Biography: Capturing beauty – by the age of 16 Burak Isseven knew this is what he wanted to do. His Father had just given him his very first camera for a school trip. From this moment on photography became Burak’s passion. On his first assisting jobs at Studio PinUp in Paris, where he witnessed Lara Stone, Mert & Marcus, Mario Sorrenti and others on set, this love grew deeper. Within a short time Burak became a renowned portrait and fashion photographer in Germany and Turkey. His work has been featured in various high-end fashion magazines such as W Mag, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE. On a Shoot, Burak Isseven unconditionally immerses himself into the experience with his subject to identify the core beauty. He has an eye for the hidden and creates precise, timeless portraits. In September 2018 he did his first step to New York. He still works between Berlin, Istanbul and Paris. Socials: Instagram Website Exhibition: The Bridge “The Bridge between time and perception. How intensely we want to see the colours or the contrast. What is time? Can we capture the time? We only want to see what we are programmed for, are we too lazy to see beyond? The more you connect with your subconscious, the more you see… ? That is your Bridge. What does your Bridge look like? Show me…”

Mauro Ventura

18.04.2020 - 15.05.2020 !POSTPONED!

Biography: Mauro Ventura was born in Famalicão, studied at the Fine Arts Faculty in Porto (2011) and later at The Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (HFBK)(2014). In Porto he started projects like Arena Spa Superiora (A.S.S.) project at Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural, later on in Passos Manuel and developed collaborations with subversive events within Porto’s nightlife like ÁCIDA and Vortex Project, offering him visual iconographic and cenographwork associated with Porto’s night and queer culture. In 2018 Mauro moved to Berlin where he has been developing his work in painting, installation and together with Volsk (Francisco Antao) a new live music performance project called Domestika. Socials: Website Instagram

AKA Collective Exhibition 2020

15.08.2020 - 11.09.2020

AKA are coming together to produce a collective exhibition created on surplus windows found in the street.
Each artist will be using their chosen discipline to suit their style of work and personality.

Angelica Liv

18.07.2020 - 14.08.2020 !POSTPONED!

Biography: Colombian born Angelica Liv, actually resides in Berlin, Germany between travels. Her work consists of bold colors, a mix of thick-thin lines, lively characters, power animals and deconstructing clichés. She resumes a mixed scope of naive and contemporary shapes applied to different techniques including screen printing, acrylic painting on wood, muralism, gifs, zines, masks, analogue and digital illustration. Her research focuses on human-animal expression, masks and the carnivalesque and the emotionality at the core of sexuality. Socials: Website Instagram

Benedikt Rugar


Biography: Benedikt Rugar (born 1984 in Offenbach a. M, Germany) is a Berlin-based illustrator and artist. He studied at HFG Offenbach and at the Art School Berlin Weissensee. Commissions from a wide ranging list of clients include illustrations for editorial stalwarts such as brandeins magazine, Die Zeit, New York Times and MIT Technology Review; a 7-metre long mosaic wall for Beam club in Bangkok; monthly flyers for Berghain, Robert Johnson and Watergate; record covers for music labels such as Cocktail d’Amore, Cómeme, Raw Waxes; and various pieces for Nike, Red Bull Music Academy, Musik Express and Groove. His work — be it hand drawings, collages or digital constructions — juxtaposes familiar motifs with unusual details, creating small, unexpected breaks that catch the viewer’s eye. And these subtle games, which you can follow in their surreal logic, turn information into visual story telling. Socials: Website Instagram Facebook