Art Gallery


AKA has incorporated a gallery space since it’s conception. It provides a space for the tattooers of AKA to exhibit their art and also invites artists from other creative backgrounds to display their work.

The gallery has exhibited painting, photography and sculpture and has provided a pop-up retail space to various creators and AKA collaborators. The AKA gallery is currently curated by Lindsey Marie White, for more information or to apply for an exhibition you can contact her at

Artists 2018

Gerfer Tattoo


RESIDENCE: Dublin FACEBOOK: GerFer_Tattoo / German Ferreiroa INSTAGRAM: @gerfer_tattoo BOOKING CONTACTS: ABOUT: GerFer_Tattoo is a tattoo artist from Argentina, based in Dublin. He started creating fetish and homosexual drawings into tattoos, but always using virtual references. Most of these found on the internet.

Jack Penny & Lindsey Marie White


INSTAGRAM: @jack__penny FACEBOOK: @jackpennyart ABOUT: Jack’s creative practice is motivated by a search for authenticity, he’s driven by capturing a real sense of humanity within his work. What’s more he freely accepts mistakes in his work, inviting his audience to explore, challenge and react to each painting. His decision to expose his vulnerability as a painter, undoubtedly makes Jack’s work all the more evocative.

Rather than relying on manipulative techniques to develop a painting, Jack is conscious of trying to spark his audience’s sensory awareness as they experience his work. As he paints, Jack’s process is intuitive as he attempts to act before making choices. Without hesitation, Jack responds spontaneously to the work developing before him, relying only upon his initial instincts when making decisions regarding the colours, textures or lines.

INSTAGRAM: @artwithlmw FACEBOOK: @artwithlmw WEBSITE: ABOUT: Lindsey is a visual artist who has always been very intrigued by humans and human nature. With having a natural attraction for what should and shouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing, she has learnt that she subconsciously enjoys watching people with having a sense of voyeurism. Lindsey works in many different mediums and abuses disciplines which are alien. This is drawn to her because imperfections in her work make it more literate. She, like many others are implicitly and explicitly interested in sex, which draws on a context that is contrasting. She loves form, figure, movement and the interaction between these when working within her practise. Lindsey considers her work as a continuous journey.



An open call for works to be presented in our gallery at AKA. The project was a renowned success with over 100 submissions. Narrowed down 15 submissions from an eclectic group of 17 artists. Works including; performance art, painting, illustration, print, sound art, graphic design, photography and poetry.

Participating artists

Philip Ob Rey
Kimberly Gatjens
Nehemias Colindres
Marta Timon
Angelica Liv
Emily Bland
Paloma Bentzen
Mr. Ravenswood
Adam Menzies
Javier Alejandro Cerrada
Marianne Brepohl & Victoria Vassiliki
Vero Mota & Giacomo Whitetrash
Karolina Szulejewska
Anastasia Vtorova.

Georgie Harrison - (I'm) Nobody's Baby


RESIDENCE: AKA, Berlin INSTAGRAM: @tattoos_by_georgie BOOKING CONTACTS: ABOUT: Georgie Harrison is a Berlin based artist and tattooist of ten years. She has been a resident artist at AKA Berlin since 2012.

Previously a painter focusing on realistic figurative work, Georgie’s new body of work is a study of reduction and suggestion in the form of three-dimensional line drawings.

Despite the stylistic change, the works maintain continuity with previously explored themes pertaining to the female form and the feminine condition. The works also draw heavily on the stylistic evolution of the artist’s tattoo career.

Slava Shatovkin - Why so scary?


RESIDENCE: Ukraine INSTAGRAM: @shatovkin_slava FACEBOOK: Slava Shatovkin BOOKING CONTACTS: WWW: ABOUT: Slava Shatovkin is a tattoo artist from Ukraine and currently based in Berlin. He made his way into the art world long ago and in fact, since he drew his first crooked picture far back in childhood. Slava has now been tattooing for 3 years already, working on himself, using the opportunity to improve skills of designing and generally in communication.