The piercing service is one of Aka’s key components since its begining in 2009. And for us it is essential to give a comfortable, sterile and personalized service.

We do facial, oral, corporal and genital piercings, paying special attention to our customer’s experience, hygiene and the materials we use. We work only with high quality jewellery, which have a material, size and shape, that ease a secure and rapid healing.

We work only with hypodermic needles (we have never used and would never use a piercing gun.) The majority of our materials are one-use only and they are all sterile, thanks to the ICONKLAVE and STATIM 2000S machines. Our examination gloves are made of nitrile, being sterile during perforation. All jewelery and hypodermic needles are sterilised in front of the client with the Autoclave STATIM 2000s

We aim to go beyond the traditional piercing business. We want to offer our clients not only the basic body jewelery but also the newest options in the industry. We have a big selection of ornamental and body jewelery made of gold 14k or 18k, titanium in different colours, surgical steel, silver, brass and gems like opals, swarovskis, tiger eye and many others. We are permanently in contact with companies all arround the world to bring new designs to AKA. Our main focus are young emerging companies with whom we showcase several times a year (Follow us in Instagram to be up to date about new events)

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